Pet Grooming Glove Brush(Right Hand)

Pet Grooming Glove Brush(Right Hand)

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Make your pet grooming time a simple task by using the grooming glove to trap loose hair, perfect for all coat types. It makes grooming time easier and less inconvenient for both you and your pet. 

  • An easy solution to cleaning and grooming your pet without the hassle of brushes and unhappy pets.
  • A great way for one on one attention between yourself and your furry friend.
  • Easily and gently make the grooming experience a happy one.
  • Remove and trap loose pet hair so that no fur goes flying.
  • Perfect for all coat types, short, medium and long.
  • Adjustable Velcro strap makes this grooming mitt fit all hands.
  • Even great for horses and ponies.

The grooming glove which allows personal interaction between yourself and your pet allows for bonding time with your animal. You will often find that your pet does not like to be brushed but with the Grooming Brush, you will make the experience a loving, interactive one on one experience. You simply slip on the gloves and the brush bristles will remove any shedding hair from their coat while you simply pet and stroke them. The Grooming Brush will gently yet firmly remove the shedding from their coat while leaving them groomed and happy with the attention. The Grooming Glove is even a great way to clean the coat of horses and ponies. Simple, efficient and hands on grooming. It grooms, massages and even offers you a quick simple solution to removing dog and cat from your furniture.

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Customer Reviews

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This product is a great idea. Now I can brush/pet my cat a lot faster and my Maine Coon loves it. Buy this, you wont regret it.

Purrfect according to my cat

My cat is Ioves these gloves, she purrs very loudly and nudges me when I decide I'm finished, because she wants me to continue
Some brushes are too harsh for her, but apparently this is purrfect
Unbelievable how well they work, the photo shows just one brushing.

Work great!

These actually worked great! I have 4 cats with all different types of fur... long fur and fluffy, short fur but thick, short fur but thinner, medium length fur. I rubbed all of them down the same day and for the next week there wouldn't be any fur floating away when we pet them. I realized you have to put more pressure then most cats will like but one of mine loved it, another didn't care either way, and 2 were scared (one is scared of it's own shadow so he doesn't count lol) One tip I can give is to make sure you let the fur build up before trying to get it out of the glove or else it's hard to get the fur out. When there is minimal fur, I used a sticky tape lint roller and that worked great. I don't understand giving a product 1 star if your cat is afraid of the product... does it work or doesn't it? Now fur does fly around when petting the animals especially if they keep trying to walk away, just make sure you do it before you vacuum. For the price and the fact it gets the job done... I'm giving it 5 stars! I gave my set to my neighbor's, I let them try the gloves out on their medium sized, medium length fur dog and they said she loved the gloves and they worked great for them also. I am about to order another set right now. Hope that helps. Yes that is all the fur I got off of them in the picture... I told my husband not to throw his garbage on top until I was done but we know how well men listen.